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Whittlesea BUG members organise social rides for cyclists of all skill levels. There are regular rides on Sundays, (Twilight rides during Summer) as well as occasional weekend trips. Find out more about these rides.



Whittlesea BUG campaigns to improve cycling conditions in Whittlesea. Read more about past and present campaigns and how to get involved.


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Whittlesea BUG organises workshops and classes to educate cyclists about basic bicycle repairs and cycling skills.


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Latest News

COVID-19 Riding Stage 4

With the COVID-19 Stage 4 isolation rules back in force, the WBUG committee have suspended official rides. Confirming that Whittlesea is part of Melbourne and the Restrictions apply.

Key points

  • Stage 4 restrictions are in place from 6pm on Sunday 2 August for metropolitan Melbourne.

  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September changes to restrictions allow you to exercise or socialise outdoors for up to two hours a day which can be split across two sessions. You are allowed to socialise with either with one friend or your household. 

  • Restrictions are changing to slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria.

  • Stay within 5km from home for shopping and exercise. Use the map on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website to see how far you are allowed to travel from your home under the stage 4 restrictions.

  • Stage 3 restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm on Wednesday 5 August for Regional Victoria, including Mitchell Shire.

  • Everyone must wear a mask when they leave home, unless an exception applies. This is enforceable across regional Victoria from 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August.


The following Victorian Government Stage 4 exercise rules have been established for the safety of all for residents of Metropolitain Melbourne


Exercise and Cycling

  • You can leave home for exercise but there are limits:

  • You must not travel more than 5km from where you live to exercise. 

  • You can exercise either with one friend or your household, as long as neither of you travel more than 5km from your home. Please use common sense and limit the number of people you see in person right now. It is safer to connect with friends and family using phone calls, social media and video calls. If you are exercising with someone else, you should keep 1.5 metres distance between you. Don’t hug, kiss or shake hands.

  • You must limit your exercise to two hours a day which can be split across two sessions. 

  • If you are a parent or guardian who is caring for a young child or someone who cannot be left unattended then they may accompany you.


WBUG Recommends

Use our exercise time to get out and stay healthy, raise a hand or give a nod to your fellow cyclists, and be mindful everyones time on the cycle tracks is now precious.  If you have an exercise bike or a bike trainer at home keep up the schedule and perhaps join a virtual exercise class or follow an online workout.  VicHealth has an excellent website that outlines how exercise can help during the coronavirus.

Remember to pack some hand sanitiser containing at least 60 per cent alcohol and stay at least 1.5 metres away from to other people. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds as soon as you return indoors.

We look forward to seeing you on an official WBUG once restrictions are relaxed, until then a big wave if we pass on the bike track.

ref: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/stage-4-restrictions-covid-19

ref: https://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/be-healthy/exercise-covid-19

ref: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/first-step-restrictions-metropolitan-melbourne-covid-19 

How far is 5km?

The Age Online has an interactive map that shows a five kilometre circle around your home.

Type your address into the search bar and a circle will appear showing your five kilometre radius.

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Interactive map by Richard Lama and Mark Stehle for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald


Whittlesea BUG supports the use of the COVIDSafe App and askes that all riders have this enabled on their mobile devices.

covidsafe app help The COVIDSafe App can be downloaded here: 

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Team App

Whittlesea BUG uses Team App to register rides and communicate with members and riders.

Team App Download Team App and search for "Whittlesea BUG" 

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Changes to footpath cycling laws

Last Updated on October 16, 2019

Vicroads has introduced new bicycle laws that will make it easier for kids to cycle safely.

What's new?

  • Under 13 years can now ride on footpaths.
  • 13 years and older can accompany a person who is under 13 to ride on a footpath.
  • 18 years and above? You can now ride with a child in a child seat or pedalling on a hitch bike on the footpath.

vicroads cycling changes

For more info visit: http://bit.ly/35A6T24

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